Motorola IMEI number

How to find IMEI number of Motorola smartphone

You are the owner of Motorola smartphone  or you want to buy a phone from that company? Before you do that you should know its IMEI number.


Motorola smartphone

You can check phone details using IMEI number, or blacklist your device when it gets stolen. So you should know IMEI nuber of your phone, also if you are buying used device always ask for IMEI number and check if its not blacklisted. 

Want ot find IMEI number? Below you can find few methods of doing it.

  1. Using the Dial Pad
    One way of finding IMEI numbers is to type in *#06# in the dialing field.
    IMEI number should pop up on your screen immediately (or multiple numbers if your phone supports more then one SIM card).motorola imei code
  2. In phone settings
    Open Settings app and go to System -> About phone -> IMEI information.

  3. On the box
    The IMEI number of Motorola phones is also affixed to the phone box.
  4. On the SIM tray
    On some models you can find IMEI number labeled on the SIM tray.